Professionals in Engineering

Company History/Capability:

R. L. Angeline & Associates (ANGELINE) was established in 1978 to provide quality technical/engineering support services and highly skilled contract engineering professionals.

ANGELINE clients have included Fortune 500 architect/engineering firms and construction companies as well as federal, state and local government agencies and many smaller businesses.

Technical/Engineering Services:

ANGELINE provides expert technical/engineering services at your site or in our offices for:

When desired by clients, ANGELINE has the capability to perform authorized scopes of work using a formal Quality Assurance Program. The Program is in full compliance with applicable federal and industry standards including ANSI/ASME NQA-1; parts 50, 71, & 72 of 10 CFR; and ISO 9000.

Contract Engineers:

As a separate business, ANGELINE provides engineering, technical, and management professionals to augment your staff. ANGELINE personnel possess demonstrated expertise for traditional engineering disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical and Civil as well as those requiring extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations and products such as instrumentation & Controls, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and Environmental Engineering.

ANGELINE maintains a database of hundreds of such contract professionals available to support McKay/Moore projects.