The following are thumbnails of your photos, Steph. Click on a thumbnail to go to a full-size image. Each image has a name, though I am not sure if all are totally accurate. Did my best to identify everything correctly. (I have not used a lot of people's names, for privacy's sake.) The name of the photo should appear if you put your mouse cursor over the thumbnail. Let me know which photos you would like to be removed from the website and not to be shared with friends and family.

gail_larry_mayo gail_larry_mayo2 happy_arrival steph_aboshirt steph_moving_into_yurt stove_in_yurt yurtstuff epsomsalt_etc yurt_roofwork yurt_at_night yurt_in_snow yurt_sled_path yurtpath yurtwork kitchconstr snowy_hayway snowytrees snowytrees2 april_moonview april_night blackdog building_the_outhouse chickadee_at_feeder bird_feeders choppingblock choppingblock_bw trees_in_snow trees_in_thaw fuzzpop hayshed hayshed_in_may hayshed_after_windstorm hayshed_repair_gail hayshed_repair_gail2 wind_damage hole_roof repairing_hayshed_roof ice_breakup late_april_hayway late_april_trees lichen spinach_creek pix_at_spinach_creek river_050302 river2_050302 river3_050302 river4_050302 flooding_over_road flooding_under_bridge flooding1 flooding2 flooding3 flooding4 flooding5 flooding6 flooding7 flooding8 thaw thawing_043002 trees_043002 waterfront_property waterfront_property2 moose_on_road_050502 moosedance woods mooseinwoods moosepoop whydidthemoosecrosstheroad raptor raptor2 s_&_coworkers1

Email me the names of photos you want removed from the page.

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