Photos of Alaska:

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view of interior of the yurt

To learn more about how yurts are constructed, etc., go to

"The circular structure consists of weather tight covers, tension band, and a wood frame including a lattice wall,
radial rafters that go up to a central compression ring, and a framed door." (see Specs page on website.)

See here for local forecasts:

Click on the bird above to go to the Alaska Bird Observatory's website.


Click here: Fairbanks, Alaska -- Creamer's Field to see
photos of Sandhill Cranes at the Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.
(Steph does field work here.)

Snowshoe hare (brown or white, to blend in with surroundings)

Red fox                                          Red backed vole (Clethrionomys gapperi)

Where is Fairbanks?  See map below. I have also included a closer view of the location of the yurt,
which is 5 miles from the Alaska Bird Observatory (and evidently about 3 miles from Dogpatch!).
Note: Locations are marked with a red star.

Northern Lights
(photo by Dirk Obudzinski - click on image to be transported to )

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