Remote Secretary

Current Rates

Word processing (Word or Open Office)
and other General Administrative Assistance - 1/2 hour minimum charge

$29.00 per hour

Spreadsheets, graphs, reports (Excel)

$29.00 per hour

Databases (Excel and/or Access)

$29.00 per hour

Mailing labels (created from above)

$.05 each

Light bookkeeping, including maintenance of checkbook register, periodic reports on income and expenses, etc. (Quicken); invoicing and billing of clients (hourly rate does not include postage or fax charges, if any)

$37.00 per hour

Tape transcription  [Note: rule of thumb is that it will take an average of four times the length of the tape to transcribe the recording depending on the quality of the tape, the complexity of the presentation, the number of speakers, and the speed and clarity of their speech.  Very difficult or unclear recordings may take longer.]  A 90 minute tape will likely take at least 6 hours to transcribe and will be 50+ pages typed. Includes: One, printed, double-spaced transcription of your work or a disk copy. Upon request, a transcriptionist's certificate of the accuracy of the work product will be provided.

Keep in mind that exact pricing cannot be established up front due to the nature of the work, but if you want to estimate how much your project will cost, figure the $5.00 per page rate and assume that you will get about 35 or so pages per recorded hour of tape.

$34.00 per hour


$5.00 per page

(based on Courier 11 or 12 double-spaced)

Desktop Publishing and Presentations (Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint) - Design and/or print brochures, letterhead, business cards, advertisements, resumes, flyers, business forms, signs, postcards, invitations, invoices, calendars, gift certificates, menus, programs, overhead transparencies, databases, custom spreadsheets

$34.00 per hour

Computer Consulting / Internet Research

$37.00 per hour

Cost of one original printout of work included in hourly rate.  Additional printouts as follows:

Black and white, no graphics; plain 20 lb. paper

$.15 per page

Black and white with graphics; plain 20 lb. paper

$.20 per page

Black and white on 24 lb. bright white or grey paper

$.25 per page

Color with no/minimal graphics; bright white 24 lb. paper

$.50 per page

Color with graphics; bright white 24 lb. paper

$.75 per page

Note:  Small numbers of additional copies can be provided at the rates shown above. 

If you wish larger numbers of copies, we will be glad to take your originals to a nearby copy location (such as Kinko's) to use their high-speed copy equipment. 

Small quantities, as above.  Labor rate included in per copy cost.

Larger quantities, $20/hr, cost +10% for copies.

Web design services

$40-75 ($63.00 average) per hour

Website maintenance and updates after completion of initial design

(Pricing of web services negotiable per complexity of project.)

$53 per hour; minimum one hour charge per update

Document scanning

$5.00 per document

Digital photography

$29.00 per hour

Photo scanning, touch-up, manipulation

$35.00 per hour

3½" Disk copy of document(s) or photo(s)


CD copy of document(s) or photo(s)


Long distance fax charge

$5.00 first page, $1.00 each additional page

Local fax charges (incoming or outgoing)

$1.00 first page, 50¢ each additional page

International fax charges

TBD (depends on destination)

Phone or fax (206)781-0676.